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RUN is featured in the guide Destination Art. 500 Artworks Worth the Trip, Phaidon Press Limited, 2018

‘Bonvicini’s 30-foot-tall (9.1 m) RUN is a mirror to the surrounding enviroment during the day, and at night it projects an illuminated glow, thanks ti LED lights installed inside the giant letters. Created as part of the Olympics Art in the Park program, the sculpture alludes to not only an Olympic event but a common park activity.’

Interview with Alberto Alberro in Monica Bonvicini, Phaidon Limited Press 2014

MB ‘(…) For RUN, I used high-tech LED products. This was the first time I worked with these materials. But the hallucinatory and psychedelic effects of the piece were not the result of the around 8,000 LED itself; rather, it was the inside construction that I developed that produced the powerful reflections, and an almost physical deepness. When one stands in front of the nine-meter-high letters, one begins to feel as if one can fall into them. The letters create a space, which is not as much about illusion as about a rejection of such a space. One can feel it but can’t quite inhabit it.’

RUN, 2012
Mirror polished steel, glass, LEDs
Overall dimension: 910 x 2150 x 1860 cm
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London